Device Drivers

The Device Drivers allow integration of different systems/devices with the standard based COBA BOS platform.

When the device complies with standard field bus definitions, it can use the standard Network Interface Drivers of COBA BOS platform for accessing the field buses. In this case, Device Driver is simply a device specific service in the platform. If the device uses a proprietary protocol for communication towards the field bus, a new Network Interface Driver is additionally needed.

The following device drivers are authorized components of the COBA BOS platform. Any company can create new device drivers based on the COBA BOS Framework. Authorization of drivers requires approval by COBA International Ltd. For any technical questions or requests for device drivers, please contact development [at] coba [dot] fi.

Building Automation and Controls


Lonix Solutions




Lighting Controls


Lonix Solutions

Home Automation

Lonix Solutions

Nico Technology




Lonix Solutions


Axis - cameras

eAcces - access control system

Ksenos - digital surveillance system

Lonix Solutions - security systems

Matsushita EBL - fire alarm system

Menvier DF6000 - fire alarm system

Mirasys - digital video management system

Teknoware - emergency lighting systems

Exilight - emergency lighting systems