COBA BOS Framework

The COBA BOS Framework defines the System Architecture and the Data Model of the Building Operating System (BOS).

System Architecture

The System Architecture defines the COBA BOS Core and accessing of networks, systems and devices. The COBA BOS Core includes User Profile & Role Management, COBA Data Model Management, Service Management and Common Services. Common Services consist of DBService, AlarmService, TrendService, LogService and ReportService. Optional services can be be added in the platform as needed. Networks are accessed through Network Interface Drivers and system specific details are defined through Device Drivers. Applications access the BOS through Communication Services.

BOS Architecture

Data Model

The COBA Data Model defines the structure of the data. The building, its technical systems and user roles are modeled according to the Data Model. The model defines the devices included in technical systems and sphere of influence of the systems.

Conceptual model

The definitions related to buildings and spaces are based on definitions made in the IFC model, which is a standard way of exchanging information between applications.

More about IFC model

Information read from and written to automation network and systems is described in a uniform way with these definitions. All applications can request for information in standard format.

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